No other consultancy is providing stewardship guidance for sales and sourcing, i.e., vendor management.

In the consulting landscape, we stand alone in our service delivery by virtue of:

INTEGRITY: authentic, congruent, genuine, guileless

INTENT: motive and agenda based on mutual benefit

CAPABILITY: a breadth and depth of skills, knowledge and experience across several verticals and market-cap sizes

RESULTS: a 30-year track record of getting things done right


Our mission is to extend the virtues of stewardship to the business’s customer base and to its vendor base. Specific to the customers, we provide a new paradigm from which to view this most valued asset, one which will increase gross revenues, reduce costs, provide a more sustainable revenue stream and improve morale.

Our role integrates the proverbial C-suite with the sales team to provide an integrated, proactive, programmatic and long-term strategy for your customer’s journey with consumption, value and retention at its core.

Specific to your vendor space, we provide a new paradigm in which key vendors are turned into business assets, where costs are often reduced while simultaneously improving service levels. In some cases, this can also drive business-development opportunities.


Often thought of in biblical terms, the stewardship definition also plays a critical role in today’s business environment. In the world of commerce, stewardship refers to taking responsibility for the business and the effects it has on the world around it. This involves considering more than just the bottom line and looking at elements such as values, ethics and morals. Stewardship examples include corporate stewardship, environmental stewardship and service-oriented stewardship.

A common definition of a steward is a person that is given full responsibility for the valuables of another.

Choosing service over self-interest and the willingness to be accountable for the well-being of an organization by operating in service, rather than in control.

Stewardship, backed by wisdom, is conducive to a service mindset. Leadership alone is less likely to invoke cooperation and collaboration.

For the small to medium-size business, this is often viewed as too ethereal to be helpful in meeting day-to-day needs to survive and thrive.

Paradigm Consulting defines sales stewardship in the context of providing concrete, sustainable results.

As an act of governance, sales stewardship directly and positively impacts customer satisfaction and financial strength.

To quote Peter F. Drucker, “To satisfy the customer is the mission and purpose of every business.”

It brings the customer into the organization as an asset beyond simple a means of revenue; it aligns the firm’s often disparate functions such as operations, finance, marketing and product management to heighten market sensitivity, reduce internal costs and increase both margins and revenue.

Sales stewardship leads the organization from transaction-based sales to relationship-based sales; it puts the customer’s needs first as an act of stewardship, resulting in long-term positive economic returns.

Paradigm Consulting defines vendor stewardship in the context of providing concrete, sustainable results.

As an act of governance, vendor stewardship directly and positively impacts financial strength and social responsibility.

Tactically, vendor stewardship redefines how to position the vendor relationships in a more collaborative fashion while, simultaneously reaching improved levels of service and reduced cost. Other tactical benefits may include:

  • Getting contracts with SOWs (Statements of Work), SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and other key performance-metric documentation
  • Building in future competitive rate and business downturn protections
  • Strategically, it delivers many elements of corporate sourcing (a system where divisions of companies coordinate the procurement and distribution of materials, parts, equipment and supplies for the organization. This is a supply chain, purchasing/procurement, and inventory function. This enables bulk discounting, auditing, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.


Founder and principal at Paradigm Consulting, Jeff Odland extends the virtues of stewardship to the organization’s customer base and/or vendor base, resulting in both phenomenal ROI and other reciprocal benefits. The methodology is authentic and guileless, backed by a 30-year track record of getting things done right.

Jeff has worked for some of the nation’s leading vendors in technology areas, such as ISP, telecom, IT and cyber security, dealing with Fortune 50 sourcing organizations and protracted MSA negotiations. This created a unique experience for those businesses that might not have been available to them otherwise.

Providing youth support is a priority for how Jeff defines his significance in society. Work in this area has included giving young men the opportunity for challenging work on his property, 4H livestock sale sponsor, emeritus member of the Sandpoint High School Technical Advisory Board in Sandpoint, Idaho, Idaho Drug Free Youth Board, North Idaho College and Computer Information Technology boards.

Community economic and professional development advocacy is reflected in various engagements, such as founder of the Inland NW Tech Pros Associations, co-founder of Man-Stuff, contributing member in the Coeur d’Alene Economic Development Corporation and a member of a public policy committee for the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce.