Orville Wright did not have a pilot’s license, which is one way to say he operated from his own unique paradigm.  In order to stand out from the crowd in dealing with this pandemic, you will need to operate from your own unique paradigm as well. This will best serve what you care about most deeply. May we challenge you for a minute in support of this goal?

Without adopting a new paradigm, you are doing the culturally-appropriate thing, offered up by so many boards and emails from chambers, government agencies, etc. Several of these steps may in fact be in step with the norms of your data-centric analysis model, such as injecting cash via various means to protect existing and credible burn rates. Peter Drucker may have been speaking to this in part when he said he assumes that the event that clamors for his attention is in reality a symptom. He looks for the true problem. He is not content with doctoring the symptom alone.

When you are ready to take a new view on one or both of your significant revenue sources (customers) and expense categories (vendors), give us a call. We can help you reach cruising altitude.

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