North Idaho Scores Another First in the U.S.

There are many reasons we are proud to live in North Idaho, with one of them being the unusually high number of unique organizations in our midst, those who have created a niche or are at the top of their game. Organizations such as Continuous Composites, the Innovation Collective, and Kootenai Health’s association with the Mayo Clinic. Another that has just sprung up which we may be hearing much more about is Paradigm Consulting.

Business consulting, in so many iterations, has been around for decades. Ditto sales training. Ditto vendor management, i.e., sourcing. Stewardship has been lauded, but too often in terms of marginal value to the SMB (small and midsized business) space as vague in measurable benefits. Except for a strong cadre of personal “success coaches” and some general business coaches, business consulting in small markets such as North Idaho are rare. We just suggested Paradigm may have created a new category in the industry, if not a leader, so ‘where’s the beef?’

Paradigm is providing a couple firsts:

  1. Often thought of in biblical terms, the stewardship definition also plays a role in today’s business environment. This typically involves looking at elements such as values, ethics, and morals. Stewardship examples include corporate and environmental stewardship. Bringing concrete ROI attributes to the stewardship discussion is where Paradigm seems unique. Not only in concrete ROI but also applicability to the SMB space.
  2. Sales and Sourcing. Heretofore, the discipline of business consulting in the stewardship space has not included the areas of sales and sourcing, i.e., vendor management. These are the only two areas of stewardship consulting Paradigm practices. Their website seems quite bold in providing criteria by which an organization may decide if they are a fit or not for Paradigm’s service. To the extent they live up to their billing, we welcome them aboard our vibrant community.

Paradigm hopes to keep its client base within the Inland Northwest.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jeff Odland at 208-755-2759.