Paradigm Consulting’s vendor stewardship service is a long-term model for managing relationships to directly and positively impact the financial strength and social responsibility of your organization. We are an advocate that exists to protect your business assets and interests.

Our service leverages relationships to establish future competitive rates through key performance-metric documentation, as well as economic downturn protections. By incorporating stewardship into the vendor environment, we can help you improve service delivery and create new revenue opportunities as you grow.


  • Reduce existing costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce downtime
  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Establish strategic positioning


We work closely with you to reformulate vendor relationships by maximizing these necessities to proactively mitigate risk and protect your business interests.

By redefining how to position the vendor relationships in a more collaborative fashion, we can help you simultaneously improve levels of service and reduce costs that future-proof your business.

This process is completed through the following engagements.

Leadership Commitment & Workgroup Engagement

  • Share the vendor stewardship vision with the leaders of the engaged work group(s).
  • Validate and agree on expected outcomes to ensure final SOW completeness.
  • Identify documentation and other support needed.

Vendor Services Alignment

  • Convert key vendors into partnerships of value, if not mutual-stewardship relationships.
  • Establish the scope of work (SOW), including identifying which work groups in the business need to be engaged.

Organization Execution

  • Create risk mitigation strategies for upcoming vendor contract(s)
  • Provide guidance on vendor streamlining
  • Negotiate vendor-contracts relative to price, performance, commitment levels
  • Identify opportunities for gaining valuable business partners in the current vendor space
  • Optimize new and existing contracts in support of the organization’s CAPEX and OPEX preferences
  • Manage systematic/retainer-based or project-based contracts specific to recurring activities, such as evergreen-language monitoring and SLA adherence documentation
  • Review of all existing vendor contracts to assess opportunities and risks relative to cost reduction, risk mitigation and technology migration
  • Provide project management
  • Draft SLAs and/or SLOs
  • Create, distribute and manage requests for proposals (RFP) within cyber security, IT management and telecommunications, including internet access
  • Out-task sourcing positions in collaboration with existing procurement resources as needed on a project or retainer basis

Define and determine needs

Create ethics/rules of engagement for all vendors

Search/send out bids for vendors

Select vendors

Define contract terms and time frame

Monitor relationship and performance

Contract renewal or termination

Vendor Management Over Time


Our focus is technology-centric, and includes IT services, cyber security, telecommunications, internet access and software deployments.

Vendor Space Management

  • Leverage spend strategies
  • Rightsize vendors for service delivery prioritization
  • Reduce internal costs associated with vendors

Existing Agreements

  • Mitigate risks
  • Achieve optimal terms
  • Optimize costs

Contract Negotiations

  • Ensuring SOWs, SLAs, other key-performance metric documentation, and tracking mechanisms meet requirements.

New Contract Management

  • Guidance in creating your own contracts for your clients
  • Guidance in the contract you’re about to sign

RFPs (Request for Proposal)

  • Drafting the RFP around your requirements
  • Releasing to the vendor space and managing the feedback loop and response delivery
  • Providing the recommendation