Paradigm’s sales stewardship is a long-term business strategy that leverages your customer base as your most valued asset, maximizing this fundamental relationship to drive increased and sustainable revenue streams.

With value and retention at its core, our sales stewardship approach proactively integrates the C-suite with the sales team to align and optimize business functions specific to the customers’ journey. By transitioning from transaction-based sales to a relationship-based model where the customer comes first, we can help future-proof your organization.


  • Increased gross revenue
  • Improved revenue retention
  • Increased margins
  • Reduced internal costs
  • Heightened market sensitivity
  • Improved morale


We work closely with you to build a new company culture and actionable execution tactics that work to improve overall customer satisfaction and financially strengthen your business.

By incorporating your customers as a business asset, aligning your operations and executing sales stewardship tactics, we can help you increase revenue and margins, improve retention and reduce costs for more sustainable success.

This process is completed through the following four engagements.

Vision Alignment

This phase is performed at the CEO/president/owner level to define your sales stewardship paradigm, as well as the milestones for implementation and includes the following topics:

  • Protect offerings from commoditization by competitors or customers
  • Align sales, operations, finance, marketing and product management
  • Leverage sales’ contributions on behalf of finance, product management and operations
  • Assess the threat level to sales revenue in a declining economy

Leadership Commitment

This phase serves as a platform to communicate the new sales-stewardship vision with the entire C-suite and reinforces commitment.

  • Ensure consistency of vision objectives
  • Identify relevant input to the sales team and sales potential for each business function
  • Review findings with C-Suite and define appropriate next steps

Organization Execution

During this phase, we define tactics, as well as a change-management roadmap for executing your sales-stewardship paradigm that include the following:

  • Create and manage objective-success criteria
  • Align brand with value proposition and sales messaging
  • Implement an executive-to-client sponsorship program
  • Build a farming team with high revenue growth attainment
  • Provide product/service development guidance
  • Leverage vendors in support of sales efforts

Sales Team Modules & Coaching

In this final phase, we create the necessary framework for developing your sales team, as well as the tools they need to successfully execute your sales stewardship paradigm, such as:

  • Creating a strong referral engine
  • Account and territory management and planning
  • Mastering the mechanical basics
  • Cost-cutting risks
  • Pursuing large accounts
  • Selling top down, bottom up
  • RFP selling
  • And more


Paradigm Consulting is the only consultancy that provides stewardship guidance in the key areas of sales and vendor management. Our 30-years of in-depth knowledge and expertise have been meticulously honed across several verticals and market-cap sizes. In the business consulting landscape, we stand alone in our fields of service delivery by virtue of integrity, intent, capabilities and proven results.

The sales role is the ONE

in an organization to spearhead the stewardship of the organization’s most valuable assets, its current and future customer base.

This is a means of honoring the real purpose of the sales function while protecting and growing the business.

Stewardship sales provides governance to key attributes of a well-managed organization.